September 24, 2021

New split LP by Silvain Vanot and Pierre-Yves Macé

Brocoli026 lp covers

Brocoli is pleased to announce a split LP release of two previously unpublished works that bring together two established composers for the first time.

On one side (who knows if it is side A or side B?) we find Silvain Vanot, who was at the forefront of 90s French indie rock alongside the likes of Dominique A and Jean-Louis Murat. He has also collaborated with Jim O'Rourke.

The other (side B or perhaps side A?) goes to Pierre-Yves Macé, a stalwart of the label. A composer of instrumental (his work is regularly performed by the Ensemble Intercontemporain) and electroacoustic music.

At first glance the reason for bringing these two artists together may not seem obvious. And yet... these two pieces are both built upon the same principle: they are both instrumental music set in urban outdoor spaces.

For Silvain Vanot this meant walking at dawn with his portable recorder in the Butte Montmartre, Paris. Then, once in the studio, improvising over these field recordings. Five locations resulting in five tracks. All recorded in one take.

Pierre-Yves Macé first wrote a score for trombone, horn, oboe and percussion. He then recorded each musician separately at a different location in Paris. Finally, reassembling the piece in the studio. He allowed himself to be guided as much by the score as from the happy coincidences which occurred during the recordings.

As coherent as it is surprising this split LP navigates with ease between field recording, contemporary music, improvisation, ambient and musique concrète.

A mafgnificent LP and downloads are available !

June 05, 2021

Ten years ago, À Rebours was broadcast on French public radio France Culture

10 ans a rebours

Ten years ago today, Minizza's radiophonic workshop was broadcast on French public radio France Culture. It became the album "À Rebours" after a superb mastering by Denis Blackham. This lush adaptation of the famous novel by Joris-Karl Huysmans brought together around the trio Franck Marguin, Rainier Lericolais and Geoffroy Montel, the band That Summer (David Sanson, Olivier Cavaillé, Nicolas Jorio), Daniel Palomo Vinuesa (Missing Waves) and the composer Pierre -Yves Macé.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the album can be downloaded at free price on Bandcamp for one week.

Take the opportunity to discover it, it is really the most beautiful album of the group.

November 08, 2019

Pierre-Yves Macé new album Rhapsodie Sur Fond Vert is out today !

Pierre yves mace rhapsodie sur fond vert new album

Six long years have passed since Pierre-Yves Macé's last album on John Zorn's prestigious Composer Series.

In the meantime, the talented composer has been working hard and has gained eminence in the world of contemporary music. He has produced works for Ensemble Intercontemporain (founded by Pierre Boulez), the Paris Chamber Orchestra, and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and has collaborated with directors Joris Lacoste and Sylvain Creuzevault on ambitious works mixing theatre and opera.

Much to our surprise, he returned to his first love—the studio—a few weeks before the birth of his son, which resulted in a series of highly contrasted yet straightforward tracks. Here, Macé deploys an abundance of forms and sounds: a detuned piano triptych, a Bertolt Brecht sound archive, abrasive electronics, some melancholic ambient escapades, an elegant cello solo, a miniature for bass and celesta flute, or funeral melodies for trélombarde, a peculiar instrument from Brittany.

With this very personal record, Pierre-Yves Macé pushes further his exploration of "disturbing strangeness".

The album is available in CD digipack and digital (MP3/FLAC) formats.