Brocoli 10 ans

Various Artists

Brodigi 003 | December 24, 2015

Various artists brocoli 10 ans
Digital (MP3, FLAC)

Rainier Lericolais has compiled rarities, unreleased tracks, and excerpts of interviews of the artists who have trusted Brocoli to celebrate the label's 10th anniversary.

This compilation is free to download and available in MP3 and FLAC formats. For you record lovers, you can burn it on a C74 cassette or a CD.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas !

Side A

Pierre-Yves Macé - Must That Door Be Closed Or May It Be Left Open ?
Franck Marguin interview at Qwartz festival for the Green Cats Babies blog
Sébastien Roux - Inevitable Music #2 (extract)
Sébastien Roux's Inevitable Music #2 presentation on Deutschland Radio Kultur
Sébastien Roux - American Girl 2
Pierre-Yves Macé - Danse Macabre
Michel Chion interview by Thomas Baumgartner in L'Atelier du Son radio show (France Culture)
Michel Chion – Deuxième Symphonie, Mouvement 4, Exultation (extract)
Minizza - Broccoli (Coil cover)
Introduction to Sylvain Chauveau in L'Atelier du Son radio show (France Culture)
Sylvain Chauveau - No Blue Skies (Lloyd Cole cover)
Excerpt of Hollywood Girls, episode 18, includes an extract of Sylvain Chauveau's Pour Les Oiseaux
Michel Chion and Robert Cahen - Karine (soundtrack)

Side B

Sébastien Roux - American Girl 1
Sylvain Chauveau - live at Quai Branly (extract)
Rainier Lericolais & Geoffroy Montel - live at Centre Culturel Suisse (extract)
Introduction to Reduced Listening by Geoffroy Montel in L'Atelier du Son radio show (France Culture)
Rainier Lericolais - Quatuor n°1 (performed by Elysian Quartet)
Rainier Lericolais interview about La Victoire de Samothrace for Jean de Loisy's Les Regardeurs radio show (France Culture)
Vincent Epplay - Unholy Copy K7 edition #0
Quentin Sirjacq interview by Bruno Letort and Christian Zanesi on Des Aventures Sonores radio show (France Musique)
Quentin Sirjacq - Laissez-Moi Seule (for Bruno Bayen play)
Rainier Lericolais & Quentin Sirjacq - Sudden Archives
Minizza - Dominé par des Abstractions (live at Tapage Nocturne, France Musique)