Dots Per Image

Rainier Lericolais

Brocoli 015 | November 18, 2013

Rainier lericolais dots per image
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Central to Chris Marker's artistic concerns were his preoccupations with memory, the human voice, photography, cinema, poetry, Japanese culture... and cats. In Dots Per Image, multidisciplinary artist Rainier Lericolais confronts Marker's œuvre - and also in his book Le Dépays (1982) in particular -, and with his own experience traveling in Japan. These memory fragments are transformed into music and poetry with the help of Etienne Sandrin (French voice-over), Lili Kim (japanese voice-over), his friend musicians (Pierre-Yves Macé, Simon Fisher Turner, Daniel Pabeuf, David Sanson, Geoffroy Montel), film director Daniella Marxer and sculptor Michel Aubry.

"My first encounter with this Dépays ("non-country") was in Japan, when I asked for directions to the Goutokuji cats cemetery. The only response I got was "over there and a vague gesture." (Rainier Lericolais)

1. Dots Per Image - part 1 (08m19s)
2. Dots Per Image - part 2 (05m32s)
3. Dots Per Image - part 3 (09m36s)
4. Dots Per Image - part 4 (14m58s)
5. Dots Per Image - part 5 (11m45s)
6. Dots Per Image - part 6 (03m47s)
7. Dots Per Image - part 7 (04m14s)