12 bruits de fond(s)

Rainier Lericolais

Brocoli 010 | December 13, 2011

Rainier lericolais 12 bruits de fonds
LP gatefold
Digital (MP3, FLAC, AAC)

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The Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art Brut of Lille, France (LaM), opened a virtual gallery on its website at www.musee-lam.fr, and offered French artist Rainier Lericolais to take part in it.

Rainier followed the life of the museum and got inspired by the collection. His aim was not to illustrate literally with sounds and music the LaM collection, but to work on the idea of background noise (bruit de fond in French). So he taped some conversations, discussions about the museum work, and confronted these recordings to his sound archive.

This albums is composed of twelve tracks of sounds, recalling the Museum's life before his re-opening, in a personal, metaphorical, sentimental sound walking around the collection.

Limited edition of 300 numbered vinyl copies in gatefold sleeve.

This album also features : David Sanson, Aya Sumino, Lili Kim, Geoffroy Montel, Miho-Line, Séverine Hubard, Simon Fisher Turner, Pierre-Yves Macé.

1. Septembre (03m04s)
2. Octobre (04m02s)
3. Novembre (02m59s)
4. Décembre (03m27s)
5. Janvier (03m59s)
6. Février (03m22s)
7. Mars (02m42s)
8. Avril (03m18s)
9. Mai (03m20s)
10. Juin (04m30s)
11. Juillet (03m10s)
12. Août (02m51s)