La chambre claire

Quentin Sirjacq

Brocoli 006 | September 07, 2010

Quentin sirjacq la chambre claire
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Quentin Sirjacq, a native of Paris, is a young composer, best known in the free improvisation scene for his collaboration with Joëlle Léandre.

But La Chambre Claire belongs to a totally different genre: it’s a solo piano album, set with discreet arrangement.

The album aesthetic is reminiscent of 19th and 20th centuries’ French literature (Barthes, Baudelaire), American minimalists (Philip Glass, Steve Reich) and neoclassicism (Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens, Robert Haigh). Quentin Sirjacq’s music is romantic and symbolic.

La Chambre Claire has a timeless beauty, all the while being the perfect accompaniment to modern life.

1. car je cherche le vide (05m14s)
2. et le noir (04m10s)
3. et le nu (09m30s)
4. mais les ténèbres sont elles-mêmes (03m26s)
5. des toiles où vivent (04m32s)
6. jaillissant de mon oeil (03m45s)
7. par milliers (02m00s)
8. des êtres disparus (06m00s)
9. aux regards familiers. (06m36s)
10. obsession (05m56s)