Missing Waves

Brocoli 022 | October 26, 2018

Missing waves post crash
Digital (MP3, FLAC)

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« The story began in 2014.
Crash refers to when a computer stops functioning, destroying the memory of past projects.
Post is the concept of pursuing only things that deserve to be. It comes from our common desire to mix our love of vocals, songs, and our taste for sounds research and lost waves. »

Missing Waves are Marie-Catherine Mossé singing, playing machines and keyboards, Daniel Palomo Vinuesa blowing into tubes, shaking scissors and brushes while Nabil Bouteldja taps on drums and percussion.

Post-Crash is an unexpected journey that mixes pop songs, improbable sounds and dreamy ambiances. Imagine Portishead crossing the road to meet Robert Fripp, Kate Bush partnering with Talk Talk or Björk recording with Robert Wyatt. It may also sound like John Surman playing saxophones over a deconstructed—then reconstructed—electronica production; a flirtation with experimental music without ever getting away from sharp and heady melodies.

Flying cats meet dada looking for a cure of good vibrations.

Mastered by Denis Blackham, Skye Mastering.

1. Horizon (03m04s)
2. All Is Done (05m20s)
3. Are We Like Clouds? (04m31s)
4. Bassékilendo (04m25s)
5. Where Are You? (03m23s)
6. Flying Cats (04m26s)
7. Les Îles Et Les Lacs (04m17s)
8. Là-Haut (05m38s)
9. Boys Don't Cry (04m56s)