Inevitable Music #5

Sébastien Roux

Brocoli 023 | October 04, 2019

Sebastien roux inevitable music 5
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RELEASE DATE : October 4th, 2019

Inevitable music is a collection of pieces based on the work of American artist Sol Lewitt, begun by Sébastien Roux in 2012.

Each piece is a sonic translation of a wall drawing using Lewitt's instructions for the realization of the drawing, or the drawing itself, as a score.

This fifth installment of Inevitable Music is the first to propose all instrumental compositions for guitar, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello, viola and voice. The pieces were composed in 2016 during a residency at the Villa Medici, for and with, the experimental contemporary music ensemble Dedalus.

1. Translation #1 (11m52s)
2. Translation #2 (02m25s)
3. Translation #3 (03m09s)
4. Translation #4 (05m54s)
5. Interlude (03m09s)
6. Translation #5 (06m33s)
7. Translation #6 (03m16s)
8. Translation #7 (10m55s)