Down at the industrial club

Rainier Lericolais

Brocoli Digital 002 | March 17, 2011

Rainier lericolais down at the industrial club
Digital (MP3, FLAC, AAC)

In 2005, artist Saâdane Afif asked actor / director Tom Morton some lyrics named after some of the pieces from his exhbition Down at the rock and roll club, and then some fellow musicians to turn them into songs.

Down at the industrial club is Rainier Lericolais's second transcription of this project, created for the Echoes exhibition which took place at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris in January/April 2011.

These five tracks were released on a cassette tape (limited edition of 100) for Rainier Lericolais, Vale Poher, That Summer concert at the Centre Culturel Suisse on Friday February 25th 2011 and are now available on Brocoli Digital.

Featuring Lili Kim (vocals), Franck Marguin (vocals), Geoffroy Montel (electronics, bass and electric guitar).

1. Montana blues (05m08s)
2. Black hole (06m00s)
3. Ghost (04m10s)
4. Hours (04m53s)
5. The belvedere (10m18s)