Music for girls


Brocoli 001 | August 11, 2005

Minizza music for girls
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The universe of Minizza was born from the joining of various contrasting musical genres, stylistically tied together through electronic processing. It’s strength: drawing original ideas from experimentalmusic that reinforce pop music’s catchy composition.

With luxurious ambiences, Minizza’s first album is simultaneously catchy yet demanding. Music for Girls is a musical trip that gently starts by caressing one’s auditory senses, with tracks like Monoball, and gradually warms up to the more experimental climates of the later songs.

Music for Girls is a declaration of love to all forms of music, such as :

  • funk and bossanova, to which Demon Lover and Je suis mort pay tribute through theirradical adaptations,
  • pop, for example, those of Gainsbourg and Katerine,
  • electronica creative and innovative; artists such as Atom Heart or Mouse onMars would be worthy representations,
  • musique concrète which we hear in Juste avant l’orage, Y a-t-il de l\'eau sur Mars ? or En Forêt.

Active in the music scene, Minizza invited various artists to collaborate on Music forGirls:

  • The Kings of Convenience, of which Minizza "covered" the track Winning a battle, losing the war, which appeared in the 2004 release of Erlend Oye’s DJ-Kicks. Erlend previously had sought Minizza’s unique style in The Athlete on his solo album Unrest, released by Source in 2003.
  • Edward Ka-Spel, the charismatic leader of the mythical Legendary Pink Dots, radically deviated from his typical gothic style in Globally Yours, a new-wave dance track that would astound current fans.
  • Roel Meelkop, who lent his minimalistic mastery to En Forêt, giving it an evocative intensity.
  • Erik Arnaud brings a pop-rock taste to the dark Mutilé de guerre.

But between pop and experimental music, the light and the obscure, things aren’t so simple. The tracks on Music for Girls play towards a delightful contradiction : beneath bouncy vibes often hides a deeper melancholie, and from the abyss of the final tracks escapes a glimmer of recomforting beauty. Music for Girls is one of those rare albums which evokes complex emotions in the listener, all the while inspiring asense of wellness.

credits : written, performed, produced, mastered by franck marguin & geoffroy montel at minizza studio (rennes, paris) between 2001 and 2004; except "winning a battle, losing the war" by erlend oye & eirik glambek boe (bmg publishing). lyrics & vocals on "globally yours" by edward ka-spel. saxophones on "les lois ne mentent", "je suis mort", "demon lover" by daniel palomo vinuesa. vocals & guitars on "mutilé de guerre" by erik arnaud. string quartet on "les lois ne mentent" by quatuor frajerman. guitar and bass on "demon lover" and "je suis mort" by pascal dalmasso. flute on "je suis mort" by laurence montel. thanks everyone !

1. Y a-t-il de l'eau sur Mars ? (05m18s)
2. Monoball (03m47s)
3. Globally yours (feat. Edward Ka-Spel) (04m52s)
4. Les lois ne mentent (05m43s)
5. Winning a battle, losing the war (cover of the Kings of Convenience song) (03m51s)
6. Mutilé de guerre (feat. Erik Arnaud) (07m40s)
7. Je suis mort (04m26s)
8. Demon lover (03m35s)
9. En forêt (06m06s)
10. Juste avant l'orage (08m18s)