Le Voyage Au Groenland


Brocoli 020 | December 02, 2016

Minizza le voyage au groenland
LP (blue vinyl)
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Digital (MP3, FLAC)

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Minizza return to their electro-pop roots with the soundtrack to French director Sébastien Betbeder’s latest film. Betbeder has in the past worked with Sylvain Chauveau (Nuage, 2007), Bertrand Betsch (2 automnes, 3 hivers, 2013) and Sébastien Tellier (Marie et les naufragés, 2016).

In a departure from their previously more experimental albums in this release Minizza opts for a clear, eminently melodic approach. Both catchy and yet melancholic it is reminiscent of the late 70s/80s movie soundtracks from the likes of François de Roubaix, Pierre Bachelet, Vladimir Cosma and Ennio Morricone.

1. Hélico (02m11s)
2. Thomas & Thomas (02m19s)
3. Kullorsuaq (03m17s)
4. L’arrivée au village (01m52s)
5. A Sunny Day In A Cold Life (01m32s)
6. Étendues glaciaires (02m06s)
7. Course de traîneaux (02m24s)
8. Nukannguaq (02m53s)
9. White Light (00m41s)
10. Football (01m43s)
11. Memories Of A Lifetime (02m06s)
12. Here Comes The Night (01m11s)
13. Hunting (01m38s)
14. Seul (02m10s)
15. Troisième œil (01m23s)
16. Fejl! (02m08s)
17. Tournée de crêpes (02m40s)
18. Last Farewell (03m03s)