October 09, 2005

new review online and side projects

Fabrice Allard wrote a rave review of Music for girls on etherreal.org. Fellow Rainier Lericolais has just released Down at the rock and roll club on Bottrop-boy label. Geoffroy from Minizza plays clarinet and guitar on this release. Minizza's track Alter Ego from Rainier Lericolais 're: courrier electronique' reissue on Optical Sound can be heard on Revue Bordel. Edward Ka-Spel, who sings on Minizza's Globally Yours, is on tour with The Legendary Pink Dots for their 25th anniversary in Europe! Catch them in Paris at L'Echangeur on the 14th & 15th of October!

October 05, 2005

Minizza on Tapage Nocturne on the 13th of October

(caution : date has changed) Minizza will be interviewed by Bruno Letort on his legendary show Tapage Nocturne on October 13th, on French national radio France Musique, from 11PM CET to midnight. Listen live here or the week after here.

September 29, 2005

thanks to all of you who attended

Thanks to all of you who attended Minizza's DJ mix yesterday night in Paris for the Mouvement / Brocoli party. We had a really good time and it was fun dancing all together. Minizza's mix was recorded and will be soon available to registered users. Stay tuned!